January 2013

Health and Safety

Auditor-general calls for changes to aid injured or ill veterans

In a report in November, the auditor-general claimed that the federal government is not offering enough support for ill and injured soldiers and veterans when assisting with their needs to integrate normally back into a normal life.

Better actions could mean more streamlined processes and better reporting for the health of those physically or psychologically injured on the front lines.

Information Update - New Labelling Information for all Botulinum Toxin Products: Botox/Botox Cosmetic, Dysport, Xeomin/Xeomin Cosmetic and Myobloc

In order to help prevent medication errors with the use of botulinum toxin products currently available on the Canadian market, Health Canada will be requesting that all manufacturers of these products revise their product labels to reflect that each product has its own individual potency and as such, is not interchangeable with other botulinum products.

Preventing Workplace Injuries

The following eight simple steps will help you make working safe a top-of-mind concern throughout your organization. The eight steps give you the basics for starting an effective and sustainable health and safety program.

Patient Safety - Worker Safety: Building a Culture of Safety to Improve Healthcare Worker and Patient Well-Being

Patient safety within the Canadian healthcare system is currently a high national priority, which merits a comprehensive understanding of the underlying causes of adverse events. Not least among these is worker health and safety, which is linked to patient outcomes.

Health & Safety at Work - "Prevention Starts Here"

As of October 1, 2012, the Ontario Ministry of Labour is enforcing that all businesses have the “Prevention Starts Here” posted in the workplace. This site contains additional information around how to improve health and safety and what are the rights of the workers and employers.

Human Resources

EI Recipients Decrease in November: StatsCan

The number of people receiving EI benefits dropped .8% in November according to Stats Canada.

Extent of privacy at work clarified in Supreme Court decision

Canadian still unclear on the level of privacy of data on work related equipment. Many companies have policies in place that allow them to monitor all documents and activities on a work computer; however, does this breach our right to privacy?

Health Human Resource Strategy (HHRS)

This article covers some of the strategies and policies that are in the works regarding Canada’s current Human Resources strategy within Health Care. Specifically, Health Canada wants to look at the supply of heath workers, more effective use of our skills, creating health, supporting, learning workplaces and more effective planning and forecasting.

Strategies for Healthcare Retention - What Makes Employees Leave & What Makes Them Stay

Turnover in the Health Care industry has always maintained above national averages. However, better understanding why employees leave and why employees stay can be a key factor in helping your organization control your turnover.

Succession Planning in Healthcare - Taking Cues From the Business World

Identifying high performing talent and attracting new leaders into any organization is a challenge; and the health care industry is no different. In order to successfully plan for the future and to build and maintain the talent that is required to be successful, it is vital to take some key tips from the business world and begin planning in your own organization for the future.

Health Council of Canada launches new Health Innovation Portal

In November of 2012, the Health Council of Canada launched a new portal for all Health Care related data. This resource will provide innovative health care policies, practices, programs and services that are applicable to all health related businesses. This resource also contains some relevant and useful HR information databases that can be used to help build the right policies in your business.

Link to the portal

Industry Updates

Provinces set Strict Caps on Generic Drug Prices

Canada's provinces and territories have agreed to tighter caps on the prices of six of the most widely prescribed generic drugs, and that's just the beginning of a co-ordinated effort to hold down costs, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall said on Friday.

Aiming to cut high cost of generics for private and government health programs in Canada, the jurisdictions will allow drugstores to charge no more than 18 per cent of the price of the brand-name equivalent.

UPDATE 1-Canada's CML HealthCare to sell bulk of its imaging business

Medical diagnostic services provider CML HealthCare Inc said it was in talks with potential buyers for the bulk of its diagnostic imaging business as it focuses on laboratory services.

The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care releases updated Guideline for cervical cancer screening

The Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health Care (Task Force) today released an updated guideline on cervical cancer screening, recommending women aged 25-69 be screened at an interval of three years. The Task Force, an independent body of fourteen specialists with expertise in prevention, and primary care in Canada, says early and frequent (often annual) cervical screening is unnecessary

Harper Government Applauds One of the Largest Ever Public-Private Investments in Health Research

The Chagnon family and the Azrieli Foundation commit $46 million to support Canadian Brain Research. This dedication is among the largest public-private investments ever made in Canada towards critically important disease areas.

The Inconvenient Truths About Canadian Health Care

Health care remains a top priority for Canadians after decades of debate, significant increases in public funding, and intermittent attempts at reform by jurisdictions across the country. A recent survey, conducted by EKOS for The Conference Board of Canada, indicated that 90 per cent of Canadians believe that health care should be the main priority for national decision-makers, ahead of other important issues such as the economy and the environment.

In this article, the Health Care Summit highlights some key issues being faced by the Canadian Health Care industry.


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