October, 2012

Health and Safety

Health and Safety Program Development Tips

Many employers are not sure how to properly implement a proper Health and Safety program. Following these tips can help to ensure you build your program and implement the right policies for success.

4 Tips for Creating Safe, Healthy Habits among your Workers
Many workers are aware of Health and Safety policies, but the challenge comes from enforcing those policies and staying compliant. This article address some of the tips you can use to help maintain a strong safe environment with your employees.

Ontario Discloses Names of New Prevention Council Members
In an effort to help support safe workplaces across Ontario, the Ministry of Labour has agree to appoint a board of 11 council members to advise on issues related to Health and Safety in the workplace. They will be responsible for proposing changes to policies, funding and delivery of services.

Bill 87, Workplace safety and Insurance Amendment Act
New changes in proposed legislation will allow employers to participates in alternate insurance plans allowing them more flexibility when choosing insurance providers

Employer and Employee Duties under the Occupational Health and Safety Act
Are you clear on all of the responsibilities of both employers and employees under the Occupational Health and Safety Act? This document provides an overview of each parties rights and responsibilities to maintain legal compliance and provide a safety and healthy work environment. For more information on the rights of Employees please review the Employee Health and Safety Guide.

WSIB Funding Review
In September the board will be addressing issues related to how WSIB is funded and executed specially looking at benefit policies, recurrences, permanent impairments, work disruptions and aggravation injuries

National Health and Safety Conference Program to Focus on Solutions for Worker Health, Safety and Well-being
This year’s nation Heath and Safety conference, held in Halifax, NS in October will be focusing on worker well being both physically and mentally. Mental health, harassment and bullying are becoming more prevalent in the workplace and part of this conference will be focused on how to identify and prevent these issues.

Human Resources

Government of Canada Announces Student Loan Forgiveness for Family Doctors and Nurses in Rural Communities

In August, the government of Canada announced that eligible doctors and nurses in rural communities will have a portion of their Canada student loan forgiven starting in Spring 2013. This decision comes after debates on how to continue to promote and support the primary health care services in rural communities.

Job Gains Blow Past Expectations
Canadian unemployment rate drops to the lowest since the recess as 82,000 new jobs are created in March. One of the most notable gains was an increase in 32,000 positions for health care and social assistance.

Employment Insurance Changes in 2012
The Canadian Federal Government is planning changes to the Employment Insurance program to help more employees get back to work. These new rules will make jobs more accessible and will redefine what is currently considered “suitable employment”

Industry Updates

Harper Government Supports better Health Care by Allowing More Health Professionals to Prescribe Legal Controlled Substances

The Government is proposing new changes that will allow more flexibility in the health care system allowing groups such as nurses, midwives and podiatrists to prescribe legal controlled drugs to patients.

Ottawa Backs Down on Refugee Health-Care Cuts
This protects the system that refugees will still be entitled to basic and emergency health care protection while in Canada. The changes to cut this service came just hours before the Interim Federal Heath Program kicked in.

Proposed Section for recent product recall’s / updates released by ministry

Calcitonin-containing drugs: Health Canada assessing potential cancer risk with long-term use
July 2012

Contaminated Kleenex-brand Hand Sanitizer Poses Serious Risk for People with Weakened Immune Systems
June 2012

Sanofi Pasteur recall tuberculosis (BCG) Vaccine
June 2012

Updated information on dosage for Cipralex (escitalopram)
May 2012

Sandoz Canada recalling partial lot of 2 mg/mL (1 mL) Morphine Sulfate Injection
March 2012