October 2013

Health and Safety

Healthcare meeting probes safety culture issues

Health and safety in the nursing profession was the focus of a recent meeting between provincial health ministers and representatives of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions (CFNU) and the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA). The briefing, which members of the Ontario Nurses Association also attended, took place in Toronto on Oct. 4, during the annual ministers’ conference.

“We got good feedback from the ministers,” said Linda Silas, a registered nurse and president of the CFNU. “We know what we’ve been doing is not working.”

Health facility accused of rodent, bed bug infestation

A long-term healthcare facility in Lethbridge, Alberta is under investigation following allegations that mice bit a dementia patient on the face.

Friends of Medicare (FoM), a nonprofit organization that works to raise awareness of healthcare concerns in Alberta, charged in a Sept. 9 press release that an employee of St. Therese Villa, a 200-bed designated assisted living facility run by Covenant Health, found the disabled, immobile resident with mice nibbling at her face on Sept. 1.

WSIB transforming and improving financial sustainability

Ontario's Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has confirmed that significant progress has been made to strengthen its financial future, improve its efficiency and raise the bar on customer service.

Family Caregivers Bill Passes Second Reading – Ontario Providing more Support for Families

A proposed new legislation focused on protecting caregivers to allow them to focus their attention on providing care to loved ones without the fear of losing their job. The bill would create 3 new protected leaves:
• Family caregiver leave (up to 8 weeks unpaid)
• Critically ill child care leave (up to 37 weeks unpaid)
• Crime-related child death and disappearance leave (up to 52 weeks unpaid)

Workplace safety fines include employees for first time

Alberta is implementing a new system of workplace safety fines, cracking down on workers for the first time, as well as their employers.

The financial penalties — which are part of Alberta’s new Occupational Health and Safety legislation — were approved Friday. Under the new system, agency officers will have the ability to issue tickets of up to $500 on the spot to employers or workers caught flouting workplace safety rules on the job site.

Mental Health Care Needed by 1 in 6 Canadians

About one in six Canadians said they needed mental health care last year, Statistics Canada reports.

The findings are included in the agency's 2012 Canadian Community Health Survey on mental health that was released Wednesday. The survey results were based on a national sample of more than 25,000 people 15 or older in the 10 provinces.

Human Resources

Cabinet minister urges employers to hire Canadian skilled workers

"Canadians, including newcomers, must always be first in line for available jobs. Searching for the best candidate should begin at home," said Kenney.

"Canada has one of the best-educated workforces in the world, but there are too many people without jobs and jobs without people. Our government is taking action to increase employment by ensuring Canadians are able to fill job vacancies." – Jason Kenney, Minister of Employment and Social Development

Average salary increases of 2.9 per cent in 2014: Aon Hewitt

Average salary increases of 2.9 per cent are expected in 2014 across all employee groups and industries in Canada, according to Aon Hewitt’s Salary Increase Survey.

The projected salary increases are expected to show no change over the actual 2013 salary increases, which on average were also 2.9 per cent, found the survey of 464 employers, including 254 service organizations and 210 manufacturing organizations.

How to Explain High-Deductible Plans

“As more employers offer high-deductible plans, they need to make efforts to ensure employees and their families are properly educated about the plans and the financial opportunities and risks,” Jen Benz, president of Benz Communications, said in a media release. “While many employees can save money with a high-deductible health plan, they aren’t for everyone. Where employers offer a choice of plans, they can help employees make the right decisions by explaining the possible risks, helping them understand their financial responsibilities and showing them how to compare health plans.”

Does your employee review process actually improve performance

Performance reviews: The most-dreaded procedure in every workplace, painful for workers and managers alike. Here are some thoughts about why they’re often not effective, and how HR can help managers understand just how reviews should be useful to both employer and employee.

New Bullying and Harassment Law – Helping Business Get Ready

As an employer it is very important to stay on top of news and latest legislation to protect the interest and well-being of your employees.

The Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) policies were developed to address bullying and harassment in the workplace under Sections 115, 116, and 117 of the Workers Compensation Act, dealing with workplace bullying and harassment. The new policies define bullying and harassment, and explain the duties of employers, workers, and supervisors to prevent and address workplace bullying and harassment.


Amendments to Regulation 79/10 under the Long-Term Care Homes Act

Amendments to General Regulation 79/10 made under the Long-Term Care Homes Act (LTCHA) were filed August 28, 2013. The amendments relate to Convalescent Care
Program admissions, specialized unit admissions and discharges, staffing qualifications, critical incident reporting and locking of doors. The provisions relating to convalescent care, and specialized unit admissions and discharges come into force November 1, 2013. The remainder of the provisions came into force September 15, 2013.

Health Council of Canada report on decade of health reform finds governments’ status quo approach is failing Canadians

Better health, better care, better value for all, showing that a decade of health care reform in Canada has produced disappointing results for taxpayers and patients alike. While the 2003 and 2004 health accords were heralded with much promise by governments, as the decade progressed a lack of focus on transforming the system leaves us where we are today. The report provides some lessons learned and outlines a way forward so as not to repeat the past record.

Strokes in younger people worldwide ‘worrying’

Stroke deaths and illnesses are likely to continue shifting younger, global research suggests. 

In the Global and Regional Burden of Stroke in 1999-2010 study published in Thursday's issue of the medical journal The Lancet, researchers take a comprehensive look at stroke rates by country and region.

Canada 'way behind' on home-care help, patient advocates say

Davis, a Saskatchewan nurse and the co-chair of Patients for Patient Safety Canada, said that experience reinforced her belief that patients and their caregivers need to be front and centre in the health-care continuum instead of, often, on the sidelines, especially while transferring between the different parts of the system.

Medicine Effects: Doctors Often Not Informed Of Harmful Drugs

Most family doctors say they receive little or no information about harmful effects of medications when visited by drug company sales representatives promoting their products, a survey of Canadian, U.S. and French physicians has found.

Even so, many of the doctors surveyed said they were likely to start prescribing or increase prescriptions of promoted drugs following sales rep visits, consistent with previous research that shows prescribing behaviour is influenced by pharmaceutical companies' promotion.

Product Recall’s and Advisories

Important Recall Information: A number of natural health products potentially contaminated with chloramphenicol may pose serious health risks to consumers October 2013

Seized natural health products from Lion King Health Enterprises, Richmond, B.C., contain hidden ingredients October 2013

Updated Labelling Information for Acetylsalicylic Acid (ASA) Products October 2013

Natural health products (Kamizym-U and Kamizym+) recalled due to potential contamination with the antibiotic chloramphenicol October 2013

New heart warnings for the drug Sensipar October 2013

Natural health product (Spectrazyme) recalled due to potential contamination with the antibiotic chloramphenicol October 2013

Baxter Nitroglycerin 100 mg in 5% Dextrose Solution - Product Recall due to Particulate Matter Found in the Solution - Notice to Hospitals October 2013

Novo-Ferrogluc (2013-10-10) October 2013

Natural health product (Flora Essentials) recalled due to potential contamination with the antibiotic chloramphenicol  October 2013

Ran-Valsartan Tablets (2013-10-10) October 2013

Kadcyla (trastuzumab emtansine) and Herceptin (trastuzumab) - Potential Risk for Medication Error Due to Name Confusion - For Health Professionals October 2013

Foreign Product Alert: Compound Danshen Dripping Pills October 2013

Aspirin 81 mg (2013-10-03) October 2013

Rexall Melatonin (2013-10-02) October 2013

Nature's Bounty Extra Strength Melatonin 5 mg (2013-10-02) October 2013

Acetaminophen 325 mg with 15 mg Caffeine and 8 mg Codeine Phosphate (2013-09-30) September 2013

Health Canada reminds Canadians that "designer drugs" are dangerous and illegal September 2013

Encounter and Pharmasave Cold & Flu-In-One Extra Strength Tablets (2013-09-26) September 2013 

Prolia (denosumab) (2013-09-24) September 2013

Life Extra Strength Muscle & Back Pain Relief ASA 500 mg Methocarbamol 400 mg Acetylsalicylic acid 500 mg (2013-09-20) September 2013

Gas/Water Feeding Valve - OF-B194 (2013-09-13) September 2013

Encounter Junior Strength Acetaminophen Tablets (Lot Number 3B215317J) (2013-09-17) September 2013

Advia Centaur Systems - HIV Ag/Ab Combo (CHIV) Assays (2013-09-17) September 2013 

NC Sprinter Rx Balloon Catheter (2013-09-16) September 2013

Coldpath Tooth Acrylic and Miracryl Denture Base Acrylic - Liquid / Powder (2013-09-16) September 2013

Dual Luer Lock Cap (2013-09-13) September 2013

Topiramate (2013-09-13) September 2013

Everflex Self-Expanding Peripheral Stent With Entrust (2013-09-12) September 2013

Pedi-Pack Quad Transfer Pak and Pedi-Syringe Filters (2013-09-06) September 2013

Beckman Coulter Chemistry Analyzers (2013-09-11) September 2013

Vented Spike Adapter (2013-09-11) September 2013

DRX Transportable System (2013-09-11) September 2013

Apo-Topiramate (2013-09-10) September 2013

Cobas C Pack Large Parts (2013-09-09) September 2013

BBL MGIT Mycobacteria Growth Indicator Tube (2013-09-09) September 2013

Aquilion Systems (2013-09-09) September 2013

Advia Chemistry Systems (2013-09-06)  September 2013