September 2014

Health & Safety

Children’s cough and cold medications: FAQ

Health Canada recently finished its review of the effectiveness and safety of cough and cold medications for children under the age of 12. Their conclusion? These popular products for the cold season should not be used by children under 6 years of age. So what does this mean? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

Federal, Provincial and Territorial Ministers of Labour raise awareness of psychological health and safety issues in the workplace

Today, federal, provincial and territorial ministers responsible for labour met to discuss current and emerging labour issues and the evolution of the modern workplace. The annual meeting was co-hosted by the Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Federal Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, and the Honourable Kelly Regan, Minister of Labour and Advanced Education for Nova Scotia.

The ministers covered a number of shared issues related to young workers, including options to better protect youth in the workplace and new approaches to connect with youth. Our competitive labour market poses special challenges for young workers entering the workforce. Continued collaboration between employers, industry, training partners and governments are critical to providing safe and healthy workplaces and meaningful employment for youth.

Food safety officials pull more pork from stores as investigation expands

Raw pork from two more city retailers is being pulled from store shelves as food safety officials continue investigating where tainted meat that sickened scores of Albertans was shipped to and sold around the province.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency said pork sold at Trimming Fresh Meats Ltd. in the third week of July and Hiep Hoa Asian Food in the last half of July and a few days the middle of August may be contaminated with potentially-fatal bacteria.

Testosterone heart problems result in warning by Health Canada

Canadian health officials are warning citizens of that country about the potential risk of heart problems associated with side effects of testosterone drugs, such as AndroGel and Testim.

In a safety update issued July 15, Health Canada indicated that a review of a “growing body of evidence” suggests that there is a causal link between use of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and an increased risk of men experiencing cardiovascular problems, such as a heart attack, stroke, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis or irregular heart rates.

First Canadian mobile application now available to support medical marijuana patients

Today CanniMed Ltd. announced the release of the first free mobile application available on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices designed to help patients accurately track the dosage of pharmaceutical-grade cannabis that has been suggested by their healthcare professionals. The CanniMed app connects Canadian medical marijuana patients with company news, coupons and a direct connection to place orders online or by phone.

"Health Canada's Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPR) limits the amount of cannabis a patient can order in one 30-day period," said Brent Zettl, President and CEO of CanniMed Ltd. "We have heard from countless patients that they find it difficult to accurately track their 30-day limit and have developed this app with our patients needs in mind."

Human Resources

Improving patient safety and saving health care dollars: Pharmacists can play key role in reducing drug therapy problems

Canada's Premiers are gathering in Charlottetown for the latest Council of the Federation meeting starting on August 26, and health reform will likely be a key topic.  The pharmacy community urges provinces to consider further expanding pharmacists' role as they can make important contributions to improving patient outcomes, reducing costs and ensuring the sustainability of the health care system.  According to a new report from Shoppers Drug Mart and CARP, the Sustainable Solutions Report: A Focus on Pharmacist Medication Reviews, one way to make real change now is for governments to support improved access to medication reviews.

Morneau Shepell hosts annual seminar on trends in human resources

According to Morneau Shepell's annual survey of Compensation and Trends in Human Resources, employers across Canada are expecting salaries to rise by an average of 2.8 per cent in 2015. The study finds that expectations of Ontario employers fall slightly below the national average at 2.6 per cent. Among the most important human resources priorities, the survey found that employers in Ontario place even more emphasis than those in other provinces on reducing disability costs, improving mental health in the workplace and better communication of total rewards.

National Bank of Canada takes to the cloud with SAP

National Bank of Canada, a Montreal-based commercial bank and financial services group, has deployed SuccessFactors, SAP’s cloud-based human capital management (HCM) suite to support its enterprise-wide human resource initiatives.

Consulting firm /N Spro provided implementation support to the bank, which is using SuccessFactors Employee Central to increase customer service quality and client satisfaction by improving training and employee performance.

The bank, which also uses a number of SAP services to supports its sales and loan approval systems, said it is also using the platform to improve how the firm supports HR compliance regulation.

Hiring managers fail to detect deceptive tactics

When it comes to job interviews, it seems that honesty may not necessarily be the best policy.

A study by University of Manitoba professor Nicolas Roulin found that hiring managers and recruiters can seldom detect when an applicant is using deceptive tactics in an interview. These can range from outright lying to more subtle attempts by candidates to make themselves look good, such as embellishing credentials or overstating past accomplishments.

Business and long-stay Visas in Canada

Canada's mix of natural beauty, friendly and safe society and decent work prospects make it one of the world's most attractive countries to emigrate to. There are a number of long-stay visas available to open the door to permanent residency and even citizenship, many of which involve business activities.

Canada has a special visa for temporary workers known as the Temporary Resident Visa (TRV). Every year around 150,000 skilled workers are granted this non-immigrant visa to come to Canada and work for a Canadian company for a specified length of time. Many of these jobs vary each year depending on job shortages and niche employment that needs to be filled. Live-in care givers are also in-demand jobs for this TRV class of visa.


U.S. sends experimental Canadian Ebola vaccine to trial

Regulators in the United States have officially granted permission for the first human clinical trial of Canada’s experimental Ebola vaccine, a step that comes as experts from around the globe convene in Geneva to figure out how and to whom the world’s minuscule supply of barely tested Ebola drugs should be distributed.

Safety data expected in Nov., Ebola vaccines may be used before end of 2014

Experimental Ebola vaccines may be ready to be used before the end of 2014, the World Health Organization revealed Friday.

The global health agency said data from the first safety studies in humans of two experimental vaccines should be available by November, opening the door to their use initially in health-care workers tending the sick.

The word came after a two-day meeting in which nearly 200 scientists, ethicists, public health experts and representatives of drug regulatory bodies looked at the experimental drugs and vaccines in development and made recommendations on how and in whom they should be used in this outbreak, the largest on record.

Nova Scotia health minister wants to negotiate longer collective agreements

Nova Scotia's health minister says he wants to negotiate a long-term collective agreement with health care workers in the Nova Scotia Government and General Employees Union during the next round of bargaining this fall.

Leo Glavine says the department is in a constant state of negotiating with unions and reaching a long-term contract would save money on bargaining costs.

Relmada announces the filing of clinical trial application in Canada for d-methadone

Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. RLMD ("Relmada" or the "Company"), a clinical stage company developing novel therapies for the treatment of chronic pain, today announced that it has filed a Clinical Trial Application (CTA) with Heath Canada to conduct 2 pharmacokinetic studies with d-methadone, its NMDA receptor antagonist for neuropathic pain.  Health Canada has accepted the application that is now under review.  

"We are extremely pleased to have completed this milestone as we continue to make progress with the development of our chronic pain relief solutions," stated Sergio Traversa, CEO of Relmada Therapeutics.

Five things Canadians get wrong about the health system

A recent court challenge before the British Columbia Supreme Court threatened to change the rules of the game for the Canadian health care system – should the challenge have made its way to the Supreme Court of Canada and found success there. Dr. Brian Day of The Cambie Surgeries Corporation is contesting the ban against ‘extra billing’ for privately provided health services, and for the right of doctors to work simultaneously in both the public and private health spheres.

Cost of dental care in Canada keeps patients away

Canadians spend almost $12-billion annually on dental services, but glaring inequalities in access to oral health care remain, especially for the poor.

In fact, six million people a year avoid visiting the dentist because of the cost and those with the worst dental problems are most likely to go without care, according to the findings of a blue-ribbon panel.

Product Recalls and Advisories

Infrared Coagulation System (IRC 2100) (2014-09-10)

Dacarbazine for Injection 600 mg/vial, BP - Discoloration After Reconstitution of Vials - Notice to Hospitals

Dualok Breast Lesion Localization Wire (2014-09-03)

Puritan Bennett 840 Ventilator System - Main Unit (2014-09-03)

Rapidpoint 405 System - Analyzer (2014-09-03)

Ysio Radiography X-ray System (2014-09-02)

AMSA PD Inj 50 mg/mL - Potential Low Risk of Microbial Contamination - Notice to Hospitals

Sucrets for Kids (2014-08-29)

Arctic Sun Temp Management System, 2000 and 5000 (2014-08-28)

Extra Strength Allergy Total (2014-08-28)

Patient Data Module (2014-08-27)

Outgoing XML Results Interface (2014-08-27)

Mint-Rosuvastatin (2014-08-27)

Mckesson Cardiology Hemo (2014-08-27)

Galileo Echo Immunohaematology (2014-08-27)

Serophene (2014-08-26)

Accu-chek Inform II + RF Meter (2014-08-25)

Expert DC Dental X-ray (2014-08-22)

Phased Array Transducer (2014-08-21)

Pascoflair (2014-08-21)