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"Just a comment to say that this site is excellent and I wish I had subscribed to it years ago. Thanks for your help."

"I think FPM is superb and has helped me so much this year."

"FPM has always been the most useful and user friendly site ever for Practice Managers."

"Your site continues to be amazing value for money. Thank you."

"I have been a Practice Manager for over 20 years and I just want to say to you all thank you very much for all of the information and protocols. I am sure that without your help I would have lost control of my mind."

"I just felt I had to drop a line to you to say how absolutely excellent the library of policies and procedures is on the website. I only joined last week and wish I'd done it a long time ago!"

"I am a new member - but have been a PM for 11 years - great website - wish I had heard of it 11 yrs ago - its saves so much time ..................."

"FPM is really helpful and supportive, and a great sounding board - can't recommend the service highly enough - and the membership fee which gives you access to all of the policies and the helpline is cheap at twice the price. And no, I've not been paid to say this!"

"As a first time Practice Manager it is very difficult to get anyone to commit to an action process - you have confirmed some of my thoughts and bought up some areas that I have not considered .. thank you .... I have to say the support from First Practice Management has been excellent - thanks."

"I have to say your website is of huge help to me. I have found everything that I have searched for, the protocols are superb."

"I would just like to pass on my thanks for everything you do for us all. I am sure that we take it for granted. I know we subscribe but just having you as a resource is amazing. I wish I had access to a site like this years ago when I started as a PM. Too long ago now!!! And the e-mail forum is great at least we can share knowledge. Thanks again to all of you, we do appreciate you."

"I know I speak for many that without this site our work as managers would be so much harder, so thanks and keep up the good work."

"Thank you very much for your prompt response - it is comforting to know you have high quality support in what can be a complicated area. Well worth the subscription for the Advice Line service alone."

"Thank you very much for your help, I am very impressed. I don't know how I would manage without access to the site!"

"The time I have saved by using the First Practice Management website has more than paid for the cost of the subscription, sometimes even Practice Managers need advise or a little reassurance, First Practice Management does both and more."

"What a splendid site. I have found some really useful information – brilliant! I must congratulate you for the excellent and informative work that you provide. Your website is an enormous help in terms of sharing expertise and obtaining information quickly. I find the information on protocols and employment issues of great help. Once again, thank you, and keep up the good work."

"Thanks for such a quick response, you really offer a great service."

"I find the website easy to use and an excellent resource. I have used the Advice Line on a number of occasions and I have been delighted with the advice I have received. I particularly like the way the website is responding to the demands of the user and many of the new additions to the site have been generated from recurrent themes received on the Advice Line."

"Staffing issues are not something you need advice with every day, so its important to know that when you want the information - you can get it. I have found the site invaluable. I am a great fan of the discussion forum, and the site complements it well."

"I have found the responses to my queries via the Advice Line to be very useful, and importantly the prompt response has been excellent. Well worth the cost of the annual subscription as the problem with many of the other aids to employment law is that they are in paper form so it is much harder to know if they are completely up to date."

"I must say I’m very impressed with this site so good luck with it for the future !"

"Thanks for your help. What a fantastic service."

"You do a fantastic job and you have helped me more than I can say over this year."

"The draft Staff Handbook is fantastic. I will now start work on converting it to our practice requirements – having a point to work from has saved hours."

"We have been impressed by your comprehensive service and feel we would not have come so far and so well as we have done without your support and advice."

"To all of you at First Practice Management, my sincere thanks for all your invaluable help and support."

"Having just been introduced to your website I wanted to congratulate you on a very useful easily accessible website. I will certainly be revisiting and using the information provided."

"Just to congratulate you on an excellent, helpful and informative website. I have been in the Practice Management game for eight years and this is the singularly most useful tool provided anywhere. Well done and thanks."

"Today is the first time I have spent a significant amount of time browsing your website and realise now what an incredibly useful resource it is."

"This website is just what we need - well done and keep up the good work - only downside is that I end up totally engrossed and the afternoon is halfway through!"

"I am new to your website and I think it is absolutely fantastic! With many thanks."

"The website is great! There are several of the protocols that I will use right now, and of course that will grow. The whole site is informative, well written and easy to use."

"The website has been an extremely useful tool to me personally for two reasons:- 1. The facility to raise questions specifically concerning issues within my Practice with knowledgeable & experienced human resource professionals at hand. 2. The amount of relevant useful material available on the one website to support Practice Managers in their human resource function is extremely good value for money and personally I would now struggle without it."