Forum Bookcase

The Forum Bookcase contains a range of miscellaneous policies, procedures and protocols which Practice Managers who are members of our discussion forum have provided for other Managers to download and adapt. The documents are available 'as is' - FPM can accept no responsibility for the content or accuracy of these documents.

For clinical protocols, try our Clinical Protocols Bookcase

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360 degree appraisal for Practice Manager
Access to Health Records - administration checklist
Access to Health Records - authorisation by GP
Annual Appraisal Preparation Form
Appointment Check List
Appointments Review
Appraisal Documentation
Appraisal Policy
Appraisal Preparation - Clinical - Form
Appraisal Preparation Documentation Master copy
Appraisal Template (SWOT)
Holidays for part time staff - calculator
Basic guidelines for prescribing (for locums)
Cashflow spreadsheet - example 1
Cashflow spreadsheet - example 2
Cleaner/domestic assistant appraisal form
Cleaner/domestic assistant pre-appraisal template
Community Nursing - job profiles
Consultation mode in EMIS (for locums)
Consent form for another person to access the patient's medical record
Decontamination of surgical instruments
Drug costs
DVT Monitoring – PBC business case: swollen legs
Ethnic monitoring form
Expression of Interest Letter
Expression of Interest Poster
Expression of Interest sign-up sheet
Fire evacuation procedures
Fire policy
General health questionnaire
GP Clinical System Migration - example
Interview questions for salaried GP:
Invoices received register
IT security quiz
Locum confirmation letter
Locum procedures
Long-term planning strategy - business plan
Log on and log off with smartcard
Minor Illness and telephone triage detailed protocols
Nurse appraisal by GP
Nurse appraisal by Nurse
Nurse appraisal by Staff
Nurse Practitioner appraisal form
Patient Questionnaire (New)
Performance related pay scheme
Policy Outcomes Matrix
Post-induction appraisal preparation
Post-induction appraisal report & PLP
Practice Medicine Manager - Job Description and Person Specification
Practice Pharmacist - job description
Practice Pharmacist - person specification
Practice Protocol Template
Protocol For The Management Of Warfarin
Reception - Training Curriculum
Reception - Training Schedule
Room rental agreement - see Tenancy Agreement below
Rude or Aggressive Patients
Sign Translate Services
Staff Skills Analysis Spreadsheet
Stock Control Records for Vaccines
Supplier list - equipment
Supplier list - general
Supplier list - medical supplies & consumables
Telephone Triage policy
Tenancy Agreement
Travel Clinic Information

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