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In the Members section are the following:

A Library of over 500 downloadable draft policies, procedures, protocols, letters, forms

Employment law guidance, plus a confidential Advice Line

Health & Safety law guidance

A Library of over 45 downloadable job descriptions for Practice staff

Buying Club:

  • Discounts on Surgery, Locum & Home Insurance
  • Best prices on office supplies, computer consumables, office equipment & furniture
  • Healthcare Plan solutions
  • Discounts on heating and air conditioning
  • Discounts on magazine subscriptions
  • Discounts on medical equipment supplies
  • Discounts on medical equipment testing & calibration
  • Discounts on payroll services
  • Solar Energy Solutions
  • Discounts on staff uniforms
  • Discounts on toys and activity furniture for waiting rooms
  • Discounts on e-Learning courses

Twenty-one Toolkits:

  • Appointment capacity audit
  • Appointment demand audit
  • Business planning
  • Consultation Balancer
  • Continuity planning
  • Directed Enhanced Services - Access
  • Directed Enhanced Services - IT
  • Directed Enhanced Services - Practice Based Commissioning
  • Dispensary Standard Operating Procedires (SOPs)
  • Job Applications Scoring
  • Pharmacy Continuity Toolkit
  • Practice Management core competency framework
  • Referrals Audit
  • Risk Assessment
  • Room usage toolkit
  • Significant/Critical Event
  • Work Study

A Mentor Scheme for newly appointed Practice Managers

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